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The Coffee

Notes is a collection of coffee shops and bars serving Notes speciality coffee, craft beers, well-chosen wines and classic cocktails, all with a signature Notes twist.

Speciality coffee with soul, roasted under the meticulous eye of Fabio in Notes East London Roastery. Our coffee beans are always direct trade straight from the farmers who take as much care in nurturing their coffee plants as we do roasting and brewing our beans.


The Roastery

Finding green beans bursting with flavour is the first step in our coffee adventure. At harvest time we get samples from farmers we know and trust, which we test roast before choosing which microlots to ship to Notes HQ.


Our Locations

Check the places to have an amazing coffee.



A subscription is the best way to guarantee a regular fresh delivery straight to your home or workplace.



Browse some of our new roasts. We also have a small selection of tools and equipment to weigh, grind and filter your daily brew.